Jeff is such an amazing consultant; so attuned, knowledgeable, and challenging in a way that makes you think about how you can grow to be the best brainspotting therapist you can be! Even at times when I would doubt myself, Jeff always made me feel competent and knew just when to push me outside of my comfort zone! ” 

Brandi — Former Consultee

Brainspotting Certification

Thank you so much for exploring becoming Brainspotting Certified.  It is a wonderful process and opportunity to expand and deepen Brainspotting skills. I have helped hundreds of individuals on the their path to becoming certified and truly enjoy journeying with folks to become certified.

I first was trained in Brainspotting in 2010.  I have been a Brainspotting trainer and consultant since 2012.  My areas of specialization with Brainspotting are:

  1. Trauma
  2. Addiction and Substance Abuse
  3. Dissociation
  4. Specific populations: Veterans, Law Enforcement, Adolescents, Adults, and Professionals
  5. Applying Brainspotting within most levels of care (Ex// Residential care, IOP, Wilderness, etc.)
  6. Brainspotting with complex trauma and dissociation
  7. Integrating BSP with parts work or ego state therapies

The steps toward becoming certified are fairly simple:

  1. Attend and complete Brainspotting Phase 1 and 2
  2. Complete and document 50 brainspotting sessions
  3. Complete 6 hours of consultation with a certified Brainspotting Consultant
  4. Apply to become certified by submitting your application documentation
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in getting certified or want to explore if I am a good match for you.

“I have consulted and/or interacted with Jeff in several professional capacities, during my journey to get certified in Brainspotting, and always found him open, non-judgmental, encouraging, and supportive. His input has always been helpful, extremely applicable to the situation I wanted to address with him in consultation, and very generous with his desire to make sure that I received the information I was seeking.” 

Patricia Johnson, OTR/L, MA, LMFT

“Jeff provided me with excellent supervision during an internship at a private counseling practice in Appleton, WI. Since completing my internship and opening up my own practice, I immediately felt a loss in supervisory knowledge, training and experience and felt stagnant in my own growth as a counselor. Therefore in working to complete my training license, I asked Jeff to resume his previous role of supervisor. I have enjoyed continuing my work with him and not only appreciate his deep well of clinical knowledge, but the personal support and encouragement he provides. Additionally he has breathed life into my work with clients and I find myself excited and engaged again as I grow, both personally and professionally, under Jeff’s tutelage. I would highly recommend Jeff as a supervisor or a consultant to anyone looking to improve their skills, be challenged in their work with clients, and who want to gain new insight into themselves.”

Rebecca Riedel, LPC Restoring Hope Counseling