Brainspotting training to Youth Residential Treatment Centers

This training is created to provide specific Brainspotting training to Youth Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs). Please fill out the following questions to help us evaluate registrants meeting the appropriate RTC community along with preparing agencies and individuals for the overall training process. For Brainspotting to be most successful, especially in an acute care environment, best practices show that individuals need to be well trained in BSP along with having a supportive residential environment around the clients and practitioners. Reduced fees for this training are for individuals and agencies that do not have the appropriate resources to access the training. Please review and share the resources you and your agency has so we can assess needs for reduced fee applications.
Pretraining on April 26th from 9am-1pm CST is created to train line staff and programmatic staff (essentially less clinically trained staff and administrative staff) to help the agency integrate Brainspotting into their treatment environment. It is best practices to increase trauma responsiveness of staff and agencies in support of deeper clinical work accomplished with Brainspotting.

Please have line staff, programmatic staff, and other less clinical staff sign up for the pre-training. This is an important opportunity and step to increase knowledge, buy-in and support for Brainspotters and clients with integrating Brainspotting into your services.

Pre-training Registration link: